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Jeffersoniana 15

Jeffersoniana 15

Additional Drepanosaur Elements from the Triassic Infills of Cromhall Quarry, England

by Nicholas C. Fraser and Silvio Renesto
published 28 February 2005

The Drepanosauride is a group of enigmatic tetrapods represented primarily by articulated material from the Late Triassic of northern Italy and eastern North America.  The principal taxa are Drepanosaurus and Megalancosaurus from Italy and Hypuronector from New Jersey.  In addition, Dolabrosaurus was erected on the basis of somewhat less complete material from the Chinle Formation of New Mexico.  Recently, isolated cervical vertebrae from Norian fissure sediments of the Cromhall Quarry, Avon, England, were referred to the Drepanosauride.  Here we report on additional elements from the same fissure infills that can also be assigned to the Drepanodauride.  These include several caudal vertebrae and possibly also the claw-like, terminal element of a drepanosaur tail.


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