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Jeffersoniana 11

Jeffersoniana 11

A Review of the Eastern North Atlantic American Squalodontidae (Mammalie: Cetacea)

by Alton C. Dooley, Jr.
published 30 February 2003

Previous listings of species of the catecean family Squalodontidae give the appearance of a diverse, well-represented group, but nearly all of the named specimens from North America are based on extremely poor material or were improperly proposed.  This paper reviews the descriptions of these species and their type specimens to determine their validity.

Of 16 specimens from North America examined in the study, only two are members of the family Squalodontidae, and only one, Squalodon calvertensis Kellogg, 1923, is based on material sufficient for reliable identification.  And additional unnamed squalodont species is identified.  Thus the diversity of Miocene Squalodontidae in North America was much lower than has been indicated in the literature.


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