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Jeffersoniana 10

Jeffersoniana 10

First Confirmed New World Record of Apocyclops dengizicus (Lepeshkin), with a Key to the Species of Apocyclops in North America and the Caribbean Region (Crustacea: Copepoda: Cyclopidae)

by Janet W. Reid, Robert Hamilton IV,  and Richard M. Duffield
published 30 April 2002

An adult female of the cyclopoid copepod crustacean Apocyclops dengizicus(Lepeshkin) was found in the leaf vase of a northern pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpureaLinnaeus, in a freshwater boggy area on the coastal plain of eastern Virginia, USA. This is the first confirmed record of A. dengizicus, an Old World species, in the Americas. Species of Apocyclops normally inhabit brackish coastal lagoons and salt marshes and inland saline lakes, and finds in continental fresh waters are rare. This is only the second record of a member of the genus from a phytotelm (plant cup). We describe this individual, and report a possible second new record of the same species, based on juvenile specimens, from the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, USA.Apocyclops dengizicus may have been introduced into the region of the Chesapeake Bay by human agency, and may have established viable populations in the region. We review and update records of the other species of Apocyclops (A. dimorphus, A. panamensis, A. spartinus, and Apocyclops sp.) reported from North America, islands of the Caribbean, and Bermuda, and provide a key for their identification.


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