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Jeffersoniana 7

Jeffersoniana 7

A New Dinosauromorph Ichnogenus from the Triassic of Virginia

by Nicholas C. Fraser and Paul E. Olsen
published 15 October 1996

Bamsterobates boisseaui ichnogen. et ichnosp. nov. is described from Triassic (Carnian) sediments of the Danville Basin, Virginia. The type, and only, specimen is represented by three pedal and two manual impressions preserved in part and counterpart. Although four digit imprints are preserved, the pedal print is mesaxonic, with digit I very much reduced. The trackway is remarkable for its very small size (pes 18 mm long) yet finely preserved pad impressions. The evidence strongly supports a dinosauromorph maker of the trackway. Evidence for a more specific referral is inconclusive, but if the trackmaker was a true dinosaurian, on balance an ornithischian is favored over a theropod.


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