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Jeffersoniana 6

Jeffersoniana 6

Three Unusual New Epigean Species of Kleptochthonius (Pseudoscorpionida:  Chthoniidae)

by William B. Muchmore
published 30 July 1994

Three new epigean species of Kleptochthonius are described: K. sheari (type locality, Preston Co., West Virginia); K. inusitatus (type locality, Belmont Co., Ohio); and K. polycllaetus (type locality, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia).

Each of the three new species is unusual in some aspect of the sensory seta(e) on the fixed finger of the palpal chela. In Kleptochthonius (K.) sheari, the single sensory seta is large and spinelike, and is situated near the base of the finger; in K (K.) inusitatus, the sensory seta is very small, and is located just distad of trichobothrim ist; and in K. (K.) polychaetus, there are 10-15 small sensory setae in an irregular row dorsomediad and distad of ist.


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