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On the taxonomy of the Milliped Genera Pseudojulus Bollman, 1887, and Georgiulus, Gen. Nov., of Southeastern United States (Julida:  Parajulidae)

by Richard L. Hoffman
published 6 March 1992

The parajulid genus Pseudojulus (Bollman, 1887), heretofore of uncertain taxonomic position, is referred to the tribe Aniulini following study of material of its type species P. obtectus (Bollman). The closely related new genus Georgiulus is proposed to accommodate two new taxa: G. paynei (the type species) from southern Georgia, and P. hubrichti from northeastern Georgia. These two genera differ from other aniulines by the dramatic enlargement of the eighth sternum in males. The genitalia of all three species are illustrated, and the major elements of parajulid gonopods are discussed in general.


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